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Name:  Raj A. Kumar

Medical Specialty / Area of Practice:  Medical student

Hometown:  Lecanto, FL

Office Held:  Medical Student Trustee

Term:  2019-2020

Biographical Information:

Born in the United Kingdom, Mr. Kumar had a passion for medicine from the age of 8, when he first used the da Vinci Surgical robot. Raj graduated cum laude from the University of Minnesota in 2016 with majors in biochemistry and neuroscience and a minor in microbiology. He is currently interested in surgical specialties, and in his free time enjoys long distance running and is an avid video gamer.


Professional Involvement:

Raj is involved with organized medicine at the local, state, and national levels. He is the Chair-Elect to the Medical Students Section of the ISMS. Raj is the Secretary of Region 2 of the Medical Students Section of the American Medical Association, where he also serves on the Committee on Scientific Issues. He also serves as the president of his school's chapter of organized medicine, where he helps coordinate student involvement with ISMS and the Winnebago County Medical Society.

Raj actively participates in medical service events such as the Drive for Men's Health, a cross country drive to promote active health awareness among men. He has also participated in the Sparsh Vachana, an annual program in Bangalore, India to provide complex orthopedic surgery to 200 children who could otherwise not afford it.


Raj A. Kumar


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