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Consent Calendar and Extractions Alert

May 5

Dear ISMS Members:

As you are aware, the 2020 ISMS Annual Meeting was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Three of the core functions of the meeting are officer elections, leadership transition and the review and finalization of ISMS policy resolutions. In recent weeks, we conducted an online election and installed our new officers, leaving only the policy component outstanding.

We are now reaching out to initiate our policy review process. This is a temporary process put in place for this year only. ISMS fully intends to return to the regular resolution finalization protocol at our business meeting in 2021. We understand that our membership faces unprecedented difficulty during this time and are mindful of asking for too much of your time for a special resolution review process.

All but five of the 2020 resolutions have been reviewed by ISMS councils and acted upon by the Board of Trustees; the remaining five resolutions submitted for 2020 didn’t fully complete the review process and will be held over for finalization at the 2021 meeting. The resolutions acted upon by the Board were set to be presented as a consent calendar at the 2020 Annual Meeting, but are instead being made available for your consideration in an electronic consent calendar presented in two batches. The first batch is available now, and the second will be released later this summer.

Members may extract resolutions for further debate; extracted resolutions will be placed on the agenda for debate at the reference committee hearing to be held at the 2021 Annual Meeting. We know it isn’t ideal to delay for an entire year, but we want to ensure our membership’s voice is respected in policy development.

Members may also suggest technical amendments of five or fewer words. If deemed technical upon review by the Speakers and Parliamentarian, then those amendments will be adopted.

Members wishing to extract any item(s) from the first batch of the consent calendar presented below may do so from now until 4:45 p.m. on May 12, 2020. To extract an item, send your request to AM@isms.org. The same process may be used to suggest a technical amendment of five or fewer words.

To make an extraction, please include your name, the resolution number, and the specific detailed reason you are extracting the resolution. The Speaker and Vice Speaker will make the final determination on all extractions.

Once again, extracted items will be placed on the discussion agenda for the reference committee held at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

We want to make this process easy for you and offer two options below for your review of the consent calendar.

Download a PDF with all consent calendar items

View individual resolutions and actions on a web page

Again, thank you for your review and please note the May 12, 2020 deadline for extraction. We intend to send the second consent calendar for membership review over the summer.


Dennis G. Norem, M.D.

Christine P. Bishof, M.D.

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