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Regional Trustee Terms

2019 will be the first year for election of regional trustees under the new regional map. Normal terms are 3 years, but for this first election under the new system, some districts were assigned shorter terms. These staggered terms were randomly assigned, and are a one-time solution to avoid having all seats up for re-election in the same year in the future.

Below are the terms for regional trustees elected in 2019:

Region 1 – 3 years
Region 2 – 1 year
Region 3 – 2 years
Region 4 – 2 years
Region 5 – 3 years

In every case, the next election after 2019 will be for a full 3-year term; in 2020, Region 2 will elect a trustee for a full 3-year term, and in 2021 Regions 3 and 4 will elect trustees for full 3-year terms.

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