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Group Member Program

In October 2012, the ISMS Board of Trustees approved changes to the ISMS Group Member Program. Under the program, all physician members practicing are entitled to a percentage discount of ISMS membership dues based on the size of the group. Also, in addition to economically integrated groups, the program can now be utilized by other physician entities such as hospital medical staffs, medical school faculty, and independent practice associations.

  • Groups must meet the following specific definition of a group: The provision of healthcare services by a group of physicians who are formally organized as a legal entity.

  • Discount is based on the size of the group/entity as follows:
Group Size Volume Discount
3-20 15%
21-50 20%
51-100 25%
101-199 30%
200+  35%
  • The discounts cover all individuals within the group and all categories of membership. As such, no other ISMS discounts are applied (e.g. part-time or first four years in practice).
  • As the flat rate discount covers the entire group, 100% membership is automatic. Individual membership applications are no longer required.
  • Any individual member can have only one group/entity discount applied. For example, someone who is both a member of a participating group and a participating medical staff would be provided only one discount, that being whichever is the greater discount of the two.

For further information on the Group Member Program, please contact Kris Johnson, Director of Membership Services, at krisjohnson@isms.org, (312) 782-1654 ext. 6441 or (800) 782-4767.

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