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Illinois State Medical Society Celebrates 175th Anniversary
Illinois State Medical Society Celebrates 175th Anniversary
Founded June 9, 1840, ISMS serves as a devoted advocate for physicians and patients.

Chicago, IL - Illinois doctors proudly celebrate 2015 as an important anniversary year for Illinois medicine.  On June 9, 1840, a dozen committed physicians gathered in Springfield for the first meeting of an organization that would become the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS).  Their primary goal was to establish standards in medical education and practice, but the Society's mission soon expanded to address a wide range of public health and policy issues. In honor of its 175 th Anniversary, ISMS is acknowledging the past work of Illinois doctors and also highlighting current patient care resources developed by the Society.

"Considering the incredible advancements in medical care between 1840 and now, it is important to note that ISMS' core objectives have remained consistent," said ISMS President Scott Cooper, MD. "Then and now, the beacons that guide our organization are access to quality health care, advocacy for rigorous medical training standards, service to physicians and patients, and improving public health."

To mark this anniversary, ISMS has compiled a comparative list contrasting health care between 1840 and now . ISMS is also making available at no charge  a USB data drive that contains digital copies of ISMS patient resources, including advance care planning forms, a personal health record, a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) screening assessment tool and a series of informational flyers to  keep young Illinoisans in good health.

"We've made these resources available to assist patients to better engage in their own health care," Dr. Cooper added. "For example, our kit contains the 2015 A Personal Decision booklet. This resource helps patients understand their end-of-life health care options and document their wishes in advance.  A Personal Decision includes a full set of official Illinois forms patients can complete to indicate how they want to receive care. The booklet also explains what each form means in easy-to-understand terms."

Single copies of the ISMS Patient Resources USB drive are available by e-mailing or calling 800-782-4767.  Patients can also access these materials online at

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Founded in 1840, ISMS is a professional membership association representing Illinois physicians in all medical specialties, and their patients, statewide.

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