Statement from Healthcare Professionals and Hospitals Re: Workers’ Compensation

ATI Physical Therapy
(Contact: Clifton O’Neal, 630-296-2222;

Illinois Chiropractic Society
(Contact: Marc Alba, 217-525-1200;

Illinois Health and Hospital Association
(Contact: Danny Chun, 630-276-5558;

Illinois Physical Therapy Association
(Contact: 630-940-0101;

Illinois State Medical Society
(Contact: John Maszinski, 312-580-6440;

Illinois healthcare professionals and hospitals today urged the General Assembly to preserve access to care for injured workers under the workers' compensation system.

Since workers compensation reforms enacted in 2011 took effect, including a 30% reduction to medical fees, workers' compensation costs in Illinois are falling. These falling costs have been mainly attributable to the reductions to the medical fees received by healthcare professionals and hospitals so that they can treat injured workers and return them to employment. Healthcare professionals and hospitals continue to monitor and assess the effects of the 2011 reform legislation, including provisions that require healthcare professionals to provide increased documentation to insurers in order to receive authorization to provide necessary medical care to injured workers. 

Injured workers will suffer when their access to healthcare is limited because of further reductions to reimbursements to healthcare professionals and hospitals. Quality healthcare services are essential to returning injured employees to work and reducing the long-term effects of work-related injuries.

Any negotiations concerning changes to the workers' compensation system need to include healthcare professionals and hospitals to give essential input on the provision of medical care to injured workers so that access to healthcare services for injured workers is not jeopardized.

[NOTE TO EDITORS: Access the healthcare organizations' memo to the General Assembly.]

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