John Maszinski
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Supreme Court Decision: King v. Burwell
Attributable to Scott Cooper, MD, President, Illinois State Medical Society

Chicago, IL - In reviewing the U.S. Supreme Court's decision, the Illinois State Medical Society is primarily concerned with the interests of our patients and their ability to access care. The Court's decision validating subsidies for low-income patients who buy insurance through the federal marketplace provides important peace of mind for thousands of Illinois patients insured under Affordable Care Act plans. This decision does not represent the final word on accessing health care in Illinois. ISMS remains committed to addressing other crucial challenges, such as advocating for adequate financial resources for our Medicaid program and promoting a robust physician workforce to treat Illinoisans.

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Founded in 1840, ISMS is a professional membership association representing Illinois physicians in all medical specialties, and their patients, statewide. Dr. Cooper is an emergency physician practicing in Waukegan.

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