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December 2014
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  • Top ISMS Headlines December 19, 2014


    dont Don't Slash the Number of Jurors for Civil Trials; Both Plaintiffs, Defendants Need 12 

    ISMS is urging Governor Quinn to veto legislation ( S.B. 3075) that would reduce the number of jurors serving on civil trials, drastically changing the way these trials are conducted in Illinois. The legislation is an initiative of the group that would benefit ---- the trial lawyers.

    Currently in Illinois, both the plaintiff and the defendant have the opportunity to be heard by a jury of 12 citizens. But without thoughtful study, debate or stakeholder input, Illinois lawmakers took action during the final days of the 97th General Assembly to deprive both parties of the right to rectify their grievances with a jury of 12, as has been the law for more than 200 years. A jury of six may tend to deliver a larger award, which means more cash in the plaintiffs' attorney's pockets.

    Respected legal scholars and judges have spoken out about the negative effects of reducing jury size, and social science research finds that smaller juries are less likely to produce accurate decisions.

    Therefore, ISMS urges the governor to veto S.B. 3075. Stay tuned for updates.

    MEDICAL LEGAL medlegal

    Whether by Retirement, Acquisition or "Till Death Do Us Part," How to Close Your Medical Practice

    What's the best strategy for dealing with the intricacies of departing from, closing or selling a medical practice?

    Advance planning.

    Prepare now to make this difficult task well organized and less confusing with ISMS' updated medical legal booklet, A Physician's Guide for Departing or Closing a Medical Practice , designed to assist both a physician and the partners or surviving family members of a seriously ill or recently deceased physician.

    You'll find an overview of steps to take to sell your medical practice or dissolve a medical corporation. Sections on what to do with medical records, medications, supplies, books and prescription pads are included. Importantly, the guide provides direction on notifying patients of a physician's departure or practice closing, and how to manage your change in status with regard to your medical licenses. There's also a detailed checklist on actions to be taken following a physician's death. (It's recommended that your spouse or executor also maintain a copy of this guide.)

    Learn more and plan now with this comprehensive booklet, intended as an informational document and to not be considered legal advice. Physicians should seek private legal counsel for complicated matters such as closing or departing a practice.

    Download your free copies today. For members only.


    New Year, New Updates to 2015 CPT Code Set

    Turning the calendar page to the New Year means changes to the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code set. You'll want to be up-to-speed on code changes to ensure correct reimbursements and avoid claim denials.

    Among the updates for 2015 are a number of radiology and radiation oncology codes, and significant changes to molecular pathology and Appendix D codes. Overall, the impact to the code set includes:

    • 266 additional codes.
    • The deletion of 147 outdated codes.
    • 129 revised codes.

    All CPT changes for 2015 are effective for dates of service beginning Jan. 1, 2015. The American Medical Association provides detailed information in their annual CPT Code publications.

    Questions? The ISMS Advocacy Team is standing by to assist. Call 800-782-4767 ext. 1470 or send an email.


    Limited Enrollment Period:  resources2
    New High Limit Disability Program for ISMS Members

    ISMS is partnering with Disability Resource Group (DRG) to offer a high-limit disability program exclusively for members.
    This unique program offering income protection can fill the gap between a physician's base disability policy and his or her actual monthly income.

    Please note: Enrollment for this coverage is limited, so inquire now.

    >> Read more


    Contributions, Commitment to CME Garner Award for Ronald L. Johnson, MD

    For his outstanding commitment to CME activities for more than 30 years, ISMS member Ronald L. Johnson, MD, was named recipient of the "2014 Rutledge W. Howard, MD, Award for Individual Service to the Intrastate Accreditation System." He received the award during a ceremony at the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education's State Medical Society Conference on December 10.

    An ISMS member since 1976, Dr. Johnson is past chair of the ISMS Committee on CME Accreditation and has served on numerous other ISMS committees and councils. Congratulations, Dr. Johnson!

    Dr. Johnson, right, steps up to receive his
    award from AACME Board of Directors
    Chair Kim Edward LeBlanc, MD, PhD.
    Dr. Johnson is congratulated by colleagues
    (l to r) ISMS Committee on CME Accreditation
    Chair Robert W. Milas, MD; ISMS President
    William McDade, MD, PhD; and ISMS
    President-Elect Scott Cooper, MD.


    For Your Practice: A Flurry of Personalized Financial Services

    Every medical practice is a snowflake. In other words, no two are exactly the same.

    So don't rely on generic financial input when Bank of America, an ISMS Benefit Partner, tailors its services to the needs of individual physicians and their medical practices.

    Meet with a practice specialist today and receive specific recommendations on practice loans, equipment financing, debt consolidation, commercial real estate and much more.

    ISMS members are eligible for reduced administration fees. 

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