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December 2014
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  • Top ISMS Headlines December 5, 2014

    LEGISLATIVE legislature

    statesState Lawmakers Wrap-Up 2014 with Action on Medical Practice Act, Anatomic Pathology Billing 

    The 98th General Assembly concluded the year with the final round of the fall veto session. Here's the latest.

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    Enhanced Medicaid Reimbursement Rates Will End after 12/31
    A provision of the Affordable Care Act directed that eligible physicians would receive Medicaid payment rates that matched Medicare's rates for a two-year period (Jan. 1, 2013 - Dec. 31, 2014) for certain primary care services. This initiative, known as the Primary Care Incentive Payment Program (PCIP), is set to expire on December 31.

    Since it's highly doubtful Congress will act to extend this initiative, the rates will return to the regular Medicaid fee schedule, effective Jan. 1, 2015. 

    For more info, read HFS's notice.

    MEDICAL LEGAL privacy

    Not Savvy with Social Media? You and Your Patients May Be at Risk

    Information carried across social media is largely unprotected, which means confidential communication can potentially reach a wide audience. Both health care professionals and patients may be unaware of crossing boundaries inappropriately when it comes to their social media use.

    You and your entire team need to be "in the know" about how to navigate social media and the risks involved for interacting personally or socially with patients through unsecured electronic communications.

    That's why ISMS developed Social Media Guidance for Physicians and Their Practices, for members only. The policies in this document will help you mitigate risk, and may also be used to augment your own policies for the best use of technology and social networking specific to the delivery of health care.  


    Complex Complex Health Issues or Not, All Patients Deserve Timely Access to Covered Services

    ISMS joined 108 state and national medical societies in a communiqué to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to impart recommendations concerning network adequacy.

    As NAIC continues to revise its 1996 Managed Care Plan Network Adequacy Act, we want to ensure that all patients have timely access to covered services, regardless of the complexity of their health issues. 


    Physicians' Input Sought Regarding "Real Time" Rx Benefit Data

    Can you imagine a world in which patient-specific benefit data for prescriptions would be available at the point of care?

    The National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP), the organization responsible for creating and maintaining electronic standards for prescription drugs, is developing a real-time benefit inquiry transaction and seeks physician input. 

    Take NCPDP's survey today!

    The survey closes at 11 a.m. CST on Dec. 18, 2014.  

    MEMBERSHIP renew

    keepKeep Your Commitment to Protect Your Profession

    In other words, keep your ISMS benefits flowing.

    Your dues dollars directly impact the medical environment in Illinois, allowing ISMS to:

    Please watch for your membership renewal notices via postal and email, check out our multi-media presentation on how ISMS advocates for you, and renew your membership today.

    If you haven't yet, try Continuous Membership. When you switch from lump sum to monthly payments, you'll only need to do it once, but the effect of your support will be felt for a long time to come. Thank you for your membership; we have a lot to accomplish together in 2015!


    For Your Practice: A Flurry of Personalized Financial Services

    Every medical practice is a snowflake. In other words, no two are exactly the same.

    So don't rely on generic financial input when Bank of America, an ISMS Benefit Partner, tailors its services to the needs of individual physicians and their medical practices.

    Meet with a practice specialist today and receive specific recommendations on practice loans, equipment financing, debt consolidation, commercial real estate and much more.

    ISMS members are eligible for reduced administration fees. 

    MEMBER RESOURCE pbt logo(3)

    Deadline to Enroll in Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan: Dec. 7
    Don't let this deadline pass if you intend to enroll in PBT's endorsed Medicare Part D prescription drug plan from Express Scripts.
    Express Scripts Medicare Advisors are available 24 hours a day through December 7 at 1-877-429-8430 to answer to your questions and facilitate your enrollment. 

    PBT whole heartedly endorses the Express Scripts Medicare Part D prescription drug plan for the finest in prescription coverage.

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