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March 2016
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  • Top ISMS Headlines March 18, 2016



    Illinois Optometrists Want to Perform Certain Surgeries, Administer Medication by Injection

    Dangerous bills have surfaced in Springfield that would allow optometrists to perform certain surgical procedures and administer medications by injection. Your help is needed!

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    2016 Illinois Primary Election Recap


    Once again our friends at the Illinois Civil Justice League offer a recap of state judicial contests. Kudos to ICJL for its efforts to educate voters on these important judicial contests.

    For other election news, IMPAC has you covered. Check out IMPAC's compiled results from Tuesday's election for Illinois House, Illinois Senate, the United States Congress and the special election for state comptroller.

    rich miller

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    Special Event for IMPAC Members

    All IMPAC members are invited to hear from political insider Rich Miller, who is one of the most well-known and influential political journalists in Springfield. Mr. Miller will offer his perspective on the 2016 elections and other insights about what is happening in our state's government.

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    Treat Minors? Learn More about New Consent Requirements

    Physicians may provide certain services to minor patients without parental consent, but there are limitations - and recent changes to Illinois law affect parental consent requirements.

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    Hotel Room Reservation Deadline is Monday

    Next month, Illinois physicians will gather in Springfield for the 2016 ISMS Annual Meeting and House of Delegates (HOD), taking place April 15-17.

    Be sure to reserve your hotel room by Monday, March 21.

    The deadline to register online is April 1. After April 1 you may still register by phone at 312-853-4745.

    Questions? Call the HOD hotline at 312-853-4745 or send an email.



    Help Patients Reduce Risk of Skin Cancer

    The amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching Earth's surface has increased over the last three decades due to decreasing levels of stratospheric ozone. UV radiation from the sun is the number-one cause of skin cancer.

    Download and print ISMS' patient education infographic to help them learn more about reducing their risk of skin cancer.

    Encourage Patients to Enjoy the Outdoors - Safely!

    In an age in which every phone is a music player and every crosswalk is a jogging path or bike lane, safety is key. Remind your patients that wearing headphones during outdoor activities can be dangerous.

    > Download and print copies of ISMS' newest patient education poster, which highlights the need for patients to stay aware of their surroundings.



    Is Your Team Reading Off the Charts? Accessing Online Resources?

    Off the Charts is a newsletter designed specifically for practice management professionals of ISMS members, arriving every quarter via email. Your team may also access ISMS password-protected resources.

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    tax deductible

    Your Tax Tip: Deduct a Large Portion of Your 2016 ISMS Dues

    The portion of your ISMS dues for the 2015 membership year reserved for non-tax-deductible purposes is 8 percent. Therefore, for federal income tax purposes, your dues for 2015 are 92 percent tax-deductible.

    For applicability to your individual circumstances, you should check with your tax consultant or advisor.



    Today is Match Day!

    A drum roll please as the envelopes are opened...

    Today the National Resident Matching Program announces where medical school students across the country are assigned to a residency to complete their medical training.

    Congrats and best wishes to ISMS student members transitioning into residency!

    Illinois 4th Years: Tweet your residency placement to @IllinoisDoctors and we will re-tweet in celebration!



    Make a Splash with JPB Medical Marketing Solutions

    Just a few years ago, phrases like "Facebook presence" and "tweet impressions" weren't on the minds of physicians. But to get the attention of today's patients, it's crucial to stand out from the crowd on the web.

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