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March 2016
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  • Top ISMS Headlines March 4, 2016


    March 15 Primary Election:
    Illinois Civil Justice League Releases Ratings of Judges


    This just in - the Illinois Civil Justice League (ICJL) has released ratings of judges and judicial candidates who are running in the March 15 primary election.

    ICJL's goal? To assist Illinois voters in making informed decisions about the judicial candidates on their ballots. Judges in Illinois have longer terms - and arguably more power - than other elected officials, making these votes critically important.

    Before voting, access ICJL's online ratings: Judges: Good and Bad - You Can't Afford to be Indifferent.


    Survey: Your Input Wanted on Possible Merger of Aetna, Humana


    Will Aetna's possible merger with Humana affect your medical practice and patients? If so, we want to know how.

    Begin ISMS' survey now (should take about 8-9 minutes).

    ISMS seeks your opinion on the proposed merger in order to assess its impact on health care financing, competition and choice. Your answers will help us to determine what actions, if any, ISMS will take with federal and state regulators in response to the proposed merger.

    Your individual responses will be kept strictly confidential and only aggregated data will be used in our reporting.

    Your assistance is appreciated!


    New Law Affects Informed Consent for HIV Testing

    A new law that amends the Illinois AIDS Confidentiality Act took effect Jan 1, 2016, and changes the informed consent for HIV testing.

    It's imperative that physicians understand the latest on how HIV testing must be carried out and how to protect information about someone's HIV status.

    Learn more with ISMS' newly updated medical legal guideline, AIDS. The updated guideline clarifies who may provide pre-test information, defines informed consent in terms of "opt-in" and "opt-out" testing, covers the changes for documentation requirements and more.


    You Volunteer. What's Your Risk for Civil Lawsuits?

    Many hard working and dedicated physicians also find time to offer their services without pay at chartiable care and free medical clinics to help patients who are unable to pay for treatment.

    But can volunteering physicians be held liable for civil damages in Illinois?

    Find out more about volunteering and what protections are in place for physicians with ISMS' newly updated medical legal guideline, Free Medical and Charitable Care Clinics.

    Questions? Call 800-762-4767 or send an email.


    Window Closing Soon for Medicaid EHR Incentives

    If at least 30 percent of your patient volume in 2015 included Medicaid patients, you may be eligible to participate in Illinois' EHR Medicaid Incentive Payment Program (eMIPP).

    The final deadline to participate is April 30, 2016.

    >> Read more


    Political Journalist Rich Miller Headlines IMPAC Annual Meeting

    rich miller

    The Illinois State Medical Political Action Committee (IMPAC) Council invites its members to hear from political insider Rich Miller, who is one of the most well-known and influential political journalists in Springfield. Mr. Miller will offer his perspective on the 2016 elections and other insights about what is happening in our state's capital.

    >> Read more

    Immediately preceding Mr. Miller's presentation, the annual meeting of IMPAC will take place and will include the election of IMPAC Council members.

    Get a sneak peek at the nominees!

    >> Read more


    Telehealth Law Program Coming to Illinois April 6

    No question about it - telehealth is a growing phenomenon in the United States, using the tools of video, email, smartphones and other forms of technology to deliver health care services.

    So you won't want to miss the upcoming Telehealth Law Forum, a three-part series examining the telehealth landscape in Illinois and the Midwest.

    Part 1 will take place April 6 with the speakers present in Chicago, and live interactive audio/video connections occurring simultaneously in three remote locations: Carbondale, Springfield and Naperville.

    The forum will include interactive panel discussions on the current legal and regulatory environment, reimbursement trends, and telemedicine delivery and business models.

    Register today!


    isms HOD(1)

    Important Dates; Meet Your 2016 Candidates for ISMS Office

    Next month, Illinois physicians will gather in Springfield for the 2016 ISMS Annual Meeting and House of Delegates (HOD) taking place April 15-17.

    Questions? Call the HOD hotline at 312-853-4745 or send an email.


    Who Are the Patients at "High Risk" for Hepatitis C?

    Some 157,000 Illinois residents have Hepatitis C. And approximately 75 percent of them do not even know that they do!

    That's why ISMS urges physicians to screen their high risk patients.

    >> Read more



    A Personal Touch Elevates Bank of America's Custom Advice

    There are scads of financial institutions that serve the business community, but why rely on generic advice when Bank of America tailors its services to the needs of physicians and their medical practices?

    >> Read more.

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