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  • New ISMS-Backed Law Provides Exceptions to Insurers' Step Therapy Policies

    We applaud the signing of House Bill 3549, known as the “step therapy” law, which aims to ensure that thousands of Illinois patients have access to the specific medications prescribed by their physician.

    The new law puts limits on the insurance industry protocol known as step therapy or “fail first,” which can require patients to try and fail on a series of medications before being given the medication their physician originally prescribed.

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  • Revised Medical Cannabis Certification Form NOW Required by the State

    Effective September 5, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) will no longer accept the old form used by physicians to certify patients with qualifying conditions for medical cannabis. A new form was developed to be in compliance with changes to Illinois’ Medical Cannabis Pilot Program.


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  • Save the Date: November 10 Symposium Examines the 'Patient Experience'

    Early-bird discount available if you register before October 1

    Don’t miss ISMIE Mutual's inaugural Risk Management Symposium, "A Physician-First Approach to Patient-Centered Care," taking place on November 10 in Oak Brook.

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  • 'Is There a Doctor on Board?' Now There's an App for In-Flight Emergencies

    As a physician boarding a commercial airline, you know it’s always possible that you will hear that urgent announcement during your flight: “Is there a doctor on board?”

    Most doctors do not typically treat patients in emergency situations – let alone on an airplane with limited equipment, little space to move and no quick access to the emergency medical help available on the ground.


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  • HPV Video for Patients

    HPV Video

    Watch ISMS’ new patient video on the human papillomavirus (HPV). Post to your practice website or share via social media.

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