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Legislative Update from Springfield
Posted on: 2/2/2017

capitol-winter As the 100th General Assembly gets underway, there may be some movement in trying to resolve the budget impasse – the Senate "grand bargain" plan.

This plan consists of 13 Senate bills that represent an attempt by the Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans to resolve the budget stalemate. These bills have been controversial, not least because they contain a tax increase.

Before the General Assembly adjourned last week, Leader Radogno and President Cullerton indicated that the grand bargain bills would be called for a vote when the chamber returns to session this upcoming week. Even if the Senate is successful in clearing this package of bills, all of which must pass together as a single package in order for anyof them to take effect, the fate of such legislation in the House is unclear.

One of the bills of the "grand bargain" plan, Senate Bill 12, includes reductions to the Illinois Workers' Compensation Medical Fee Schedule. ISMS testified that this bill would impair injured workers' ability to access quality medical care, thus delaying their return to work and worsening post-injury outcomes.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan recently filed a motion in state court to stop state employee pay while no budget is in place. This motion adds pressure to the budget impasse and, if successful, could bring the standoff to a head.

As the spring legislative session continues, ISMS will keep you informed with Physician Advocate and the Legislative Action Hub. Stay tuned! 

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