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Make Note of These Important Deadlines for the ISMS Annual Meeting and House of Delegates
Posted on: 2/1/2017
app New this year: For the first time, ISMS meeting materials will be available via the free ISMS mobile application. Quick links to reports, resolutions, and the meeting schedule will be featured. Reference committee reports will also be made available through the app soon after they are approved.

The 2017 ISMS Annual Meeting and House of Delegates (HOD) will take place April 21-23 in Oak Brook.

The deadline for submitting resolutions is Tuesday, March 7 at 4:45 p.m. View other important dates and get a jump on reserving your hotel room.

All members invited: Help shape future medical policy

Want a stake in shaping the future of medicine? You can impact medical policy by submitting a resolution through your county medical society, or by testifying in reference committee on resolutions submitted by others.

Members must submit resolutions through a credentialed delegate for the ISMS HOD meeting. Please contact your county medical society for this information. However, any ISMS member may submit testimony, either online in advance of the meeting or by attending in person. If you are in an area that does not have an active county medical society and would like to submit a resolution, contact the HOD hotline using the information below.

For assistance in developing resolutions, access ISMS' guide.

Questions? Call the HOD hotline at 312-853-4745 or send an email.

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