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  • ALERT: ALL ILLINOIS Prescribers Will Be Required to Register with the PMP

    All prescribers possessing an Illinois controlled substance license will soon be required to register for Illinois’ Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). There is also a new requirement (with some exceptions) to access the PMP before writing an initial prescription for a Schedule II narcotic, such as an opioid.

    The General Assembly recently passed legislation that would require controlled substance license holders to register in Illinois' PMP by Jan. 1, 2018.

    AT PRESS TIME: While the measure is not yet law, ISMS urges physicians to begin the process for PMP registration NOW.

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  • Renew Your Medical Corporation License NOW – Before the December 31 Deadline

    Medical corporations, limited liability companies, and professional service corporations in Illinois are required by law to obtain a license annually.

    ISMS is alerting member physicians to renew their corporate license by Dec. 31, 2017

    If a physician does not renew a medical corporation license for his or her entity by the deadline, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation may issue a notice of violation to the corporation. This could result in late fees, disciplinary proceedings or financial penalties.


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  • Making the Case for Perioperative Review of DNR Orders

    Is it best to keep your patient's do not resuscitate (DNR) order in place for the perioperative period (which includes the period before, during and after a surgery or procedure)? Alternatively, is it best to modify or even suspend the patient's DNR order?

    The balance of clinical care and resuscitation can quickly become complicated due to the overlap of provisions of care involved in providing an anesthetic and care that would be prohibited with the patient's DNR order.  

    Find out how to determine the best strategy to meet the goal of a successful operation while also respecting the patient's wishes.

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  • Affirmed: Good Samaritans Have Protection from Lawsuits

    Good Samaritan protections are often taken for granted, but they come through hard work and consistent legal advocacy. ISMS has been actively involved in defending against numerous attacks on liability protection for volunteers.

    Just this year, a ruling in the case of Carroll v. Community Health Care Clinic, Inc. upheld the protections established under the Good Samaritan Act.


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  • Starting Your Career: A Guide for New Physicians in Illinois

    If you will be launching your professional career in the coming months or are recruiting a new doctor to your practice, download ISMS’ new resource, Starting Your Career: A Guide for New Physicians in Illinois.

    This comprehensive guide offers general advice and resources for physicians completing their training or those returning to practice after a break.

    Access the resource today!

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