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  • What’s Going on in Springfield?

    It’s been a busy week in Springfield for both the legislative and administrative branches of our state government.

    On the administrative side, the Rauner Administration announced a restructuring of the Medicaid managed care organization (MCO) program.

    On the legislative side, the Senate started voting on its "grand bargain" bills to address the budget impasse. At press time, the latest news is that the remaining bills in the grand bargain are on hold – at least for now. 

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  • Fine-Tuning Still Needed for Medicaid Managed Care

    Illinois' transition of Medicaid patients to managed care organizations (MCOs) delivered a major shift to health care delivery.

    To date, 66 percent of Illinois' Medicaid beneficiaries are now in some form of managed care, and just this week Governor Rauner announced a plan to reconfigure the MCO program structure and increase participation to 80 percent. 


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  • POLST Survey Reveals More Education, Outreach Needed for Illinois Health Professionals


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  • B12 Shots? Not Without a Prescription

    Vitamin B12 injections are widely available on various web sites and at the likes of weight loss clinics, spas or cosmetic stores.

    However, B12 injections require a prescription and should be administered only under the direction of certain medical professionals.


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  • Have Your Patients Ever Heard of DVT?

    March is national Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Awareness Month – which apparently is very much needed.

    A national survey sponsored by the American Public Health Association revealed that 74 percent of Americans have little or no awareness of this medical condition and its potentially fatal complication, pulmonary embolism!


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