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In Just 6 Years, Every American’s Personal Health Data Will Have Been Compromised at Least Once
Posted on: 6/19/2018


Health data breaches expose sensitive details about patients – not only their name, address and phone number, but often their diagnosis and any test results, too!

From a legal standpoint, do you know what to do in the event of a breach involving patients' medical records? 

If a breach occurs and compromises the security or privacy of protected health information (PHI), physicians, other health professionals and their business associates must adhere to federal and state reporting requirements. 

Learn more with ISMS' medical legal guideline, HIPAA Breach Notification Requirements.* This resource covers how to determine whether you've had a breach, the requirements for breach notification and how to prevent unauthorized access of PHI going forward.

In 2015, one out of every three patients in the United States experienced a breach with their medical records. If this trend continues at the current rate, everyone in the country will have had their personal health data compromised by the year 2024.   

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*This guideline is for educational purposes only. 

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