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ISMS Takes IL Doctors’ Pulse on Medicare’s Proposed Payment Models – Including 'Direct Provider Contracting'
Posted on: 8/28/2018

Last April, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a request for information about potential new payment models the agency is considering, including "Direct Provider Contracting" (DPC). CMS’ ultimate goal is to entice physicians to switch to "value-based" payment models – but what do physicians think?

To find out, ISMS initiated a survey to assess the level of interest among Illinois physicians about possible new Medicare payment models and the DPC concept in particular. Since CMS does not yet have any specific details about how a DPC model would be implemented, the ISMS questionnaire focused on general concepts that could potentially be included in a DPC program.

The survey revealed an overarching theme: "The devil is in the details." In other words, while nearly half of the survey respondents expressed an interested in exploring new payment structures, what would make or break participation would be specific implementation details, such as what quality metrics would be used, how payment rates would be determined and how much flexibility physicians would have to provide high-quality patient care.

Further, would CMS be able to design a structure that would allow doctors to devote more time to patients and a system that would value their services fairly?

Regardless, ISMS will continue to listen to Illinois physicians and advocate for your interests, fighting for your right to focus on providing quality care for your patients – regardless of what practice model you choose.

Access the detailed results of ISMS' Medicare Direct Contracting Survey.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the ISMS survey (which closed on June 18), but have comments or questions, please reach out to us via email or call 800-782-4767 ext. 1470.

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