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  • Need Guidance on Telemedicine? ISMS Offers Free Resources for Members!

    Telemedicine is a tool, like any other technology that a physician can use in medical practice. But the absence of in-person, face-to-face interaction with patients can present unique challenges.

    That's why ISMS offers member resources on telemedicine, including a new Issue Brief, an updated medical legal guideline and an on-demand webinar. 

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  • ISMS House of Delegates: Submit Your Resolutions by Tuesday, March 6

    All members are invited to help shape the future of medicine! Submit a resolution through your county medical society, or testify in reference committee on resolutions submitted by others.

    The deadline for submitting resolutions is Tuesday, March 6 at 4:45 p.m. Members must submit resolutions through a credentialed delegate for the ISMS HOD meeting. However, any ISMS member may submit testimony, either online in advance of the meeting or by attending in person. 


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  • Advance Your Career, Find the Perfect Job Candidate!

    If you are looking for new career opportunities or trying to identify promising candidates, tap the ISMS Career Center.

    This online resource is connected to a national job bank that features thousands of listings for physicians, other clinicians and practice management professionals.

    For posts of job openings, ISMS member offices receive up to 70 percent off in discounted pricing! There are no fees for job seekers. Check out the ISMS Career Center today!

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  • Your Hotline to Springfield!



    View legislative tweets here.

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  • Take Note: A Significant Portion of Your ISMS Dues is Tax-Deductible

    The portion of your ISMS dues for the 2017 membership year supporting non-tax-deductible activities is 9 percent. Therefore, for federal income tax purposes, your dues for 2017 are 91 percent tax-deductible

    For applicability to your individual circumstances, check with your tax consultant or advisor.

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