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  • We Listened – Now Access the Education You Want!

    CME is available.

    Welcome to the newly upgraded ISMS Education Center, offering on-demand courses relevant to physicians.

    The course selections are based on our member survey, and include topics such as MACRA; maximizing reimbursement; transitioning to Medicaid managed care; and opioid-related education, including starting a buprenorphine practice and how to use the PMP.

    For a limited time only, all current courses are FREE to ISMS members!

    Peruse the entire course catalog and register for education at your ISMS Education Center.

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  • Legislative Roundup

    The Illinois General Assembly is taking a three-week break from session. After the Primary Election, lawmakers will reconvene in early April to start advancing legislation. 

    This is to be an extremely busy time for ISMS as bills will no doubt move quickly. There's also some action of note in Washington on an ISMS issue we are closely monitoring. 

    Here's a summary of all the latest…

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  • Don’t Miss Anything – Grab Your Handy “Cheat Sheet” on Mandatory Reporting

    As you know, it's not just abuse and neglect that trigger mandatory reporting from health professionals. There are many other requirements, from reporting Class II communicable diseases within seven days to cancer incidence within six months of diagnosis.

    ISMS offers a quick-reference checklist covering actions that must be completed in various scenarios from birth to death.

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  • What’s Your Number One Security Nightmare? It’s Called Ransomware

    Not that long ago, terms such as malware, ePHI, ransomware and computer forensics firms were unknown to us.

    But cyber attacks are now the new normal and they will continue to be a major challenge - especially for the health care field


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  • Did You Know? A Large Portion of Your ISMS Dues is Tax-Deductible

    Physicians often hire advanced practice registered nurses, physician assistants, psychologists and other health care professionals to provide services to patients under their clinical leadership.

    The portion of your ISMS dues for the 2017 membership year supporting non-tax-deductible activities is 9 percent. Therefore, for federal income tax purposes, your dues for 2017 are 91 percent tax-deductible.

    For applicability to your individual circumstances, check with your tax consultant or advisor.

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