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  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies Are Breaking Laws

    Your help is needed!

    Many health professionals who provide care to injured workers are forced to wait years for reimbursement from workers’ compensation insurance companies – and late payments do not include interest, which is required by current law.

    Workers’ compensation insurance companies are also skirting current Illinois law by refusing to use electronic billing.

    This year ISMS helped to pass bipartisan legislation that would finally address these issues. But Governor Rauner rejected it, issuing an amendatory veto. 

    Illinois lawmakers have the ability to override the veto in November, but they need to hear from you!

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  • Join the ISMS Leadership Team!

    If you are interested in becoming an ISMS officer for 2019-2020, or serving as a trustee or on the AMA delegation, applications will be accepted by the nominating committee through Dec. 28, 2018 at 4:45 p.m. 

    Officer and AMA positions include:

    • President-elect (three-year commitment)
    • Secretary-Treasurer
    • Speaker of the House of Delegates
    • Vice Speaker of the House of Delegates
    • Regional Trustee (five positions, view region map)
    • Undesignated At-Large Trustee (five positions)
    • Illinois Delegates to the AMA (six positions, two-year term)
    • Illinois Alternate Delegates to the AMA (six positions, two-year term)

    Learn More...

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  • A Parent Asks: 'Is My Child Allowed to Carry an Auto-Injector in School to Treat His Asthma?'

    If you treat children, you might begin seeing an increase of asthma flare-ups among young patients as the cold weather settles in. For those patients who attend school, there are protocols that must be followed regarding asthma medication.

    ISMS offers a medical legal guideline to help you inform parents and their children about procedures that public and private schools must follow concerning asthma medication. This resource covers the self-administration and self-carry of asthma medication and epinephrine auto-injectors by students in a school setting.

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  • Renew Your ISMS Membership for 2019

    Attention physicians: Before the busy holiday season arrives, take care of protecting your profession by renewing your ISMS membership! 

    Hard copy invoices are being mailed out now from ISMS Headquarters.

    You may also renew online.

    While you’re at it, switch to Continuous Membership and save 5 percent off your regular dues rate!

    Questions? Call the ISMS Division of Membership at 800-782-4767 ext. 1900


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  • Your Patients May be Blind to the Dangers of Colored Contacts

    Some of your patients may want to take their Halloween costumes to the next level by wearing colored contacts.

    But your patients need to understand that colored contacts can permanently damage eyes and even cause irreversible blindness.



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