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The Life Cycle of YOUR Resolution
Posted on: 8/29/2019

If you want your resolution to be considered in time for the next quarterly ISMS Board meeting, which will take place in October, please submit your resolution by Friday, Sept. 27, 2019.  

Got a “healthcare headache”? Do you have ideas on how this issue could be resolved? If yes, then write a resolution and submit it to ISMS!

A resolution is a written proposal calling for an ISMS policy change, or for ISMS to take specific actions, such as supporting legislation or introducing a resolution on the national stage via the American Medical Association. 

ANY ISMS member can submit a resolution.

What’s the life cycle of a resolution?

  1. First, introduce your resolution by email. If you aren’t sure what to do, we are here to help! Send us an email or access our Guide to Developing Resolutions for help with composing a resolution.

  2. Once your resolution is received, the ISMS Board Chair assigns it to an ISMS council for review/recommendation.

  3. Next, ISMS members are surveyed for feedback on your resolution. The ISMS council then reviews the resolution, inviting the author to provide input, and develops a recommendation for the ISMS Board.

  4. The ISMS Board considers and acts upon the council’s recommendation.

  5. The Board’s action is then reviewed by ISMS membership at the ISMS Annual Meeting.

View resolutions and related actions on our Resolution Tracking webpage. This page is updated regularly as actions are taken and new resolutions are submitted.

Questions? Contact ISMS staff via email or call us at 800-782-4767.


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