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ISMS Advocacy Secures Reduction in Medical Licensure Fees for 2020!
Posted on: 11/18/2019

Starting with the upcoming 2020 medical licensure cycle, the fee for renewing a permanent three-year medical license in Illinois will drop to $543, and first-time applicants will pay $500.

Previously, the license renewal fee was $690 for physicians residing in Illinois, $700 for first-time applicants and $1,380 for physicians residing outside the state.  

The reduction in medical licensure fees for 2020 renewals is a direct result of ISMS advocacy. 

Physicians still undergoing their residency training will continue to pay $230 for a three-year Temporary License (unchanged from 2017).

The story of the licensure fee uptick

As you may remember, six years ago the Illinois General Assembly was concerned about a shortfall in the Medical Disciplinary Fund. The shortfall was a result of prior “sweeps” of the Fund by the General Assembly, which used the monies for other state programs. This action, of course, drained the Fund and led to a host of problems concerning the state’s medical licensure and discipline operation. 

The General Assembly voted in 2013 to solve the funding issue on the backs of physicians, increasing medical licensing fees for the next two licensure cycles (in 2014 and 2017). Then, starting with the 2020 licensure renewal year, the fees were set to decrease. 

The temptation to use Medical Disciplinary Fund monies for unrelated purposes has remained strong, but in 2019 ISMS succeeded in preventing another sweep of the Fund, and we remain vigilant against similar attempts in the future.

Questions? Please contact ISMS Vice President of Legislative Affairs Erin O'Brien at 312-580-6488. 

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