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ISMS Weekly Rounds is a one-page update of breaking information and news issued exclusively to ISMS members. ISMS Weekly Rounds is issued via blast fax, email, and right here online.
March 14, 2014
In this Issue

  • Scope Expansion on Front Burner - Legislative Update from Springfield
    S.B. 2187 is dangerous legislation that would allow psychologists to prescribe psychotropic drugs. S. B. 3409 and Amendment 1, and H.B. 5574 would allow dentists to provide certain immunizations, including those for human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis B, influenza and shingles to individuals over the age of 10.

  • More Clarity, Less Burden on Docs Needed for FOID Card Reporting
    In a letter to the Department of Human Services, ISMS formally comments on mental health reporting rules for the Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) card.

  • SGR Repeal Momentum May Be Flagging
    Legislation to repeal Medicare's Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula had finally appeared to be within grasp.

  • Seventeen Days (and Counting) Until 1500 Claim Form Switchover
    If you use the CMS 1500 claim form - pay attention. As of April 1, an updated version of the claim form must be used, and payers won't accept the old form after that date.

  • Dial In for Medicare Education Double Header on March 18
    Are recent changes in Medicare reporting throwing you a curveball? Regain your swing with two back-to-back informative teleconferences on Tuesday, March 18.

  • It's Tax Season: Here's Good News about Your Dues
    The portion of your ISMS dues for the 2013 membership year reserved for non-taxable deduction purposes is 5 percent.

  • A Personal Touch Elevates Bank of America's Custom Advice
    There are scads of financial institutions that serve the business community, but why rely on generic advice when Bank of America tailors its services to the needs of physicians and their medical practices?

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