Illinois General Assembly Convenes to Tackle State Budget, COVID-19 Relief and Other Agenda Items
illinois senate

Lawmakers returned to Springfield fora three-day session to address a limited agenda that will focus primarily on passing a state spending plan and responding to the COVID-19 crisis. Other items that the General Assembly may take up include a renewal of the state's hospital assessment program and a Medicaid omnibus bill.

Prior to this week, lawmakers had not been in session since March 5. Any vote after May 31 would require a three-fifths majority for the law to go into effect within the next year.

As we go to press, legislators are still in session and your ISMS legislative team is closely involved with any actions related to healthcare. Watch Physician Advocate next week for a full legislative recap.

If you have questions, please contact ISMS Vice President of Legislative Affairs Erin O'Brien at 312-580-6488. 

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