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Health Literacy

ISMSA Immediate Past President, Pat Graham developed a Health Literacy project in conjunction with ISMS.. Pat and Lin Vautrain offer a free Health Literacy to Improve Community Healthworkshop and organizational health literacy assessment. This is done in partnership with Tracey Smith, DNP, Assistant Professor, Department of Family & Community Medicine, SIU School of Medicine, and Jorge Villegas, Associate Professor of Business Administration at the University of Illinois Springfield.

Jorge Villegas has prepared a research protocol to assess organizational health literacy. It is an evidenced-based survey with 10 questions. His department will keep all the statistics and report back to the health organization or facility. Illinois has never done a survey to determine our health literacy level. We believe this is needed as a starting point. We can follow up with workshops that address needs in a particular facility.  

During the workshop or one-on-one mentoring, training leaders share easy-to-use tools to help health providers evaluate their written materials and assess their organizational health literacy. We provide health professionals the tools they need to improve their educational materials, signs, appointment information, consent forms, and directions. Audiences include hospitals, clinics, health care organizations and agencies. An ideal venue is a conference providing CMEs.

The Health Literacy for Better Patient Outcomes flyer provides program details. The Health Literacy Tools booklet give tips to improve the health literacy of medical educational materials. 

Other helpful tools and discussion papers can be found on the links listed below.

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