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Member Benefit Partners

**Affinity Partners are Exclusive Industry Partners.

Download a printable overview of ISMS Member Benefit Partners

Career Center

Career Center

Career Center  (Partner since March 2010)
A niche online career center.
ISMS members will receive a discounted rate of $115 for a 30-day job posting ($400 for non-members) and $175 for a 60-day job posting ($500 for non-members). Discount is only offered to groups with 100 percent ISMS membership.

Credentialing and Enrollment Services 3Won

ISMS Credentialing and Enrollment Services—Powered by 3WON (Partner since 2017)
ISMS Credentialing and Enrollment Services simplifies and automates the credentialing process by collecting and managing data through a single online form. This service is exclusively available through ISMS membership!

Credit Card Services

tsysTSYS (**Affinity Partner since September 2004
TSYS offers medical practices electronic credit card services.
Discount: TSYS performs a free analysis of your practice's credit card payment costs. No set-up fee (lease/purchase equipment) or early termination fee.

Discount Prescription Card Discount Prescription Card

The Illinois Prescription Card (Affinity Partner since 2018))
The Illinois Prescription Card helps uninsured and under-insured residents afford prescription medication. Discounts are also available to patients whose health insurance does not include prescription benefits. The card is pre-activated and ready to be used at participating pharmacies.

Foreign Language Translation

languagelink Language Link (**Affinity Partner since October 2008
Language Link provides physicians a simple, cost-effective solution for complying with regulations requiring medical interpretation services with non-English speaking patients.  

Discount: ISMS members will receive a 30 percent discount on per-minute fees ($1.40) with no monthly minimum and no sign-up fee, as well as cards, posters, and stickers to promote the availability of translation services to patients.

Group Purchasing for vaccines, medical supplies and more

ccpa CCPA Purchasing Partners (Partner since June 2010)
CCPA Purchasing Partners, LP, is a physician purchasing group that offers its members discounts on vaccines, medical supplies, and other products and services commonly used by medical practices.  Learn more about the CCPA purchasing discount

**Affinity Partners are Exclusive Industry Partners.

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