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ISMS Public Service Announcements

Since at least the 1960s, ISMS has produced and distributed public service announcements (PSAs) that have aired on radio and television stations around the state. These PSAs have addressed a wide range of topics; some tackle large-scale public health threats like the AIDS crisis, while others speak to household issues like seasonal influenza. Many are decidedly a product of their time, but several have proven surprisingly relevant even decades after their initial production.

Our latest public service announcements are at the top of this page under the "Current PSAs" heading. We will occasionally post some PSAs from our archives as well for historical interest; these are found below under the "Archival PSAs" heading.

Current PSAs

In early 2018, ISMS produced a series of PSAs focused on the opioid crisis. Four 15-second spots and two 30-second spots were produced, along with scripts for stations that prefer to incorporate PSAs into their normal programming.

Addiction Treatment (15 seconds)



Naloxone (15 seconds)



Prescription Drug Disposal (15 seconds)



Prescription Drug Disposal (30 seconds)



Recognizing Overdose (15 seconds)



Recognizing Overdose/Naloxone (30 seconds)

Archival PSAs

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